A lot of people will give you friendly advice about divorce. You might hear about how to keep the house or pay less in monthly support.

Many popular beliefs people share are wrong. These beliefs get repeated over and over. Soon, people believe they are real. If you want good advice, talk to a professional in Mississippi state divorce law. If you do not go to the right source, you could make mistakes. You could derail your divorce into a train wreck.

Myth #1: You cannot have a friendly divorce

Anyone who says divorce is a court battle does not understand the law. Always remember this fact: Going through court wars can get very expensive very quickly. The cost is not just in dollars. Divorce is stressful for you, your spouse and your children.

You can make your own decisions together outside of court. The key is that you must be reasonable and fair. No one gets everything they want in a divorce. Both of you must be willing to compromise. If you cannot work out a solution together, a judge will decide for you. A judge must follow laws and may make decisions for your future you may not like.

Myth #2: Be sure you hire an aggressive attorney

Unfortunately, aggression only brings out defensiveness on the other side. You are then back to a series of court arguments. Even if your spouse is awful, this is not the time to punish the person. You may not be able to pretend friendliness towards your spouse, but you can be civil. You can also try to work together instead of against each other. Perhaps your spouse does not deserve anything due to bad behavior, but in most cases, that is not how the law works. The judge will divide the assets.

Myth #3: Each spouse will get exactly half of everything

Mississippi law divides assets equitably. That is not the same as giving each of you half or 50%. It means that the judge will divide assets fairly between both parties.

Myth #4: A wife automatically gets alimony payments

Alimony, also called spousal support, is not automatic. Either of you can ask for spousal support. If the wife earns more money, she may help support the husband. If a wife stayed home to raise the children, she might receive alimony to finish college or train for a better job. The judge may not award alimony to either you or your spouse if you are each financially secure.

Myth #5: You should hide money, so your spouse gets less

First of all, never hide anything before or during a divorce. That is illegal. If your spouse suspects you are hiding jewelry, expensive paintings, property titles, cash or anything else, your spouse’s attorney can ask the judge to order a financial investigation. A highly trained forensic CPA finds hidden assets for a living. That person could make your life miserable. Judges do not approve of stashing assets. They may punish you by jail time, and award the other spouse a lot more in assets. Ask your legal counsel before taking any action during a divorce. He or she is your best guide on how to legally maximize your post-divorce options and behave correctly during the divorce process.