Adoption is a wonderful thing for everyone involved. Children make out the best because they get to move into a loving home where they get amazing parents to care for them. There are many children in Mississippi waiting to be adopted, but you probably hear a lot about people who want to adopt but cannot due to the costs. You may wonder why adoption is so expensive, especially if you have looked into doing it yourself.

The Donaldson Adoption Institute explains that many adoption costs go to pay for backend expenses. This includes paying for every person that is part of the process to do their job. If you adopt from the foster system, the government absorbs many of these costs, which is why it is less expensive to go that route.

Going through an agency is by far the most expensive option. Agencies employ numerous professionals who have to be paid through your costs. This drives the price up. It is actually less expensive to use an attorney for the process. However, adopting through foster care is by far the cheapest option by tens of thousands of dollars.

For international adoptions, costs are even higher because they include all the additional things you need for this type of adoption, such as travel expenses and documentation. Other countries also usually have additional requirements you must go through, which can add to the costs.

In general, just applying to adopt a child privately will cost you something. You will have to pay an adoption fee. In addition, you will pay fees for the home study. You may have to pay expenses for the birth mother as well. All of these charges add to make adoption an expensive process. This information is for education and is not legal advice.