Most children have a difficult time dealing with their parents’ divorce. Even when the situation is amicable, kids are bound to feel bad about the split, especially if they’re forced to change homes as a result. That’s why Parents offers the following tips to help you and your children cope with divorce the best way possible. 

When one parent has visitation rights, problems can frequently arise if that parent isn’t diligent about keeping up with visits. Unfortunately, it’s the kids who suffer in this case, and it will be up to you to discuss the issue with your child. While you should refrain from insulting or badmouthing your ex, you should also be forthcoming about repeated absences. Don’t make excuses or attempt to spare your child’s feelings, as this will only contribute to more negativity. 

You can take great pains to be a loving and supportive parent at this time. Make sure your child understands that the other parent’s absence has nothing to do with her. You can also make alternate fun plans for you and your child in the event the other parent doesn’t come through. While this won’t deal with the underlying issue, it can help your child take her mind off things for a while. 

Finally, if no-shows are a frequent occurrence, consider bringing up the issue in court. Visitation schedules are court-ordered, which means they must be adhered to or the parent is at risk of contempt. You may be able to modify the schedule so your ex can keep commitments or have it put on hold until another arrangement can be made. That way your child won’t need to go through the repeated heartbreak of no-shows.