Because the Magnolia State does not have a comprehensive public transportation system, you likely drive your car, truck or SUV to work every day. Unfortunately, drunk, drowsy, distracted and other negligent drivers may put your life in danger every time you climb behind the wheel. 

Mississippi regularly has a higher car accident fatality rate than any other state in the country. While you cannot prevent other motorists from driving negligently, you can take full advantage of your vehicle’s safety features. Always wearing your seat belt is an effective way to stay alive during an automobile collision. Still, your car’s safety restraints may cause you to sustain a chest injury during a collision. 

Vascular injuries 

The shoulder strap in your vehicle does a good job of minimizing the health effects that frequently accompany rapid deceleration. Still, in rare instances, a seat belt may cause a tear in a major artery or vein in your neck or chest. Without immediate medical intervention, this type of injury may be deadly. 

Broken bones 

Your torso is home to many vital organs. To protect the sensitive parts of your body, you have a rib cage, vertebrae and other bones. Of course, due to the force of an automobile collision, your seat belt may cause bones to break. While minor broken bones may be uncomfortable, other breaks may have serious consequences, including paralysis. 

Organ damage 

Seat belts stop forward motion during car accidents. Still, your organs may continue to move inside your body. If one smashes into your skeleton, it may sustain a serious injury. Furthermore, broken ribs may puncture your lungs. Because organ damage may not be immediately apparent, you should seek emergency medical care following an accident. 

While your vehicle’s seat belt may cause you to sustain a chest injury, you should always buckle up before you leave home. That is, even though a seat belt may contribute to body damage, it is likely to save your life. Nonetheless, by recognizing the injuries your seat belt may cause, you can better plan for recovering completely from your car accident.