Are you a Mississippi resident who recently suffered from a traumatic brain injury? These injuries, also called TBIs, can vary in their severity and how they impact a person’s life. Today, we will take a look at some of the effects that a TBI can have on yours.

Mayo Clinic takes a look at traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can vary from mild to severe. TBIs can impact many areas of your mental faculties as well. For example, some people with damage to the frontal cortex have trouble refraining from acting out on their initial impulses. This is because that area of the brain typically controls impulsive behavior. When you damage this area, a person is more likely to act out, lash out and say or do things without meaning to.

TBIs can also affect personality. Many TBI sufferers find themselves with hotter tempers that are easier to trigger. Some may become more anxious. Others can suffer from depressive episodes. These changes can be particularly difficult for loved ones to swallow. They remember an individual acting in one way and have to readjust to their new temperament.

Memory problems are another big issue. Some may have only a few troubles remembering recent things. Others can have long-term memory loss. Others still may suffer from severe short term memory loss. They can be easy to distract and may have trouble recalling things that just happened.

In many of these cases, lifestyle changes are necessary to adapt to life with these new disabilities. This is also why many individuals with TBIs choose to seek compensation.