Hard feelings are not uncommon during a dispute over child custody. Some parents become very angry, while others may struggle with depression and hopelessness. However, another emotion to watch out for is jealousy. Whether you are struggling with these feelings or your former partner is very jealous, this can be problematic for a number of reasons. We will look into some of the ways that jealousy can create challenges when it comes to disputes over how child custody should be awarded.

For starters, if you are extremely jealous, this can hurt your chances of securing the best outcome in terms of your relationship with your child and your custody rights. You may be too overwhelmed by your negative feelings to focus on your case, and there may be a number of reasons why you feel jealous with respect to your former spouse. For example, you may be envious of how much time they are able to spend with the kids or you may be jealous for some other reason (such as financial matters and so on).

On the other hand, your ex may also be very jealous and they may try to undermine your ability to help raise your child. For example, they may be so bitter that they decide to falsely accuse you of wrongdoing, whether they say that you abused someone in the family (when you did not) or they bring up some other false claim that can hurt your custody case.

Unfortunately, negative emotions can be virtually impossible to avoid when custody disputes arise. However, when these feelings are handled in an appropriate manner, a better outcome may be obtainable. Not to mention, the custody process may move forward more smoothly.