Do not turn to alcohol or the use of any kind of prescription or illegal drugs when you are going through a divorce. Utilization of these types of things can complicate your custody matters. It can cause you to lose your employment, which will just cause you further financial stress in the divorce action. 

According to Help Guide, do not take your frustration and your stress out by initiating confrontations with the opposing party again. This does not help your custody case, and it can cause even a protection order to be entered against you. 

Do not use social media as a way to vent your frustrations. Do not make public posts of what is going on in your divorce or your custody litigation on social media. These posts can be utilized as evidence against you in your litigation, and it can also be embarrassing to have your private business basically out there for the public, for friends, and for parents. 

Do consider going to a counselor for some support or joining a divorce support group. This does not mean that you have developed any mental health issues. This is just a place for you to safely and securely vent your frustrations and your concerns to someone who is qualified and that can give you helpful advice on how to cope with those types of issues. Do take care of yourself physically. Get some sleep. A healthy diet and get some type of exercise or physical will help you deal with the stressors related to your divorce and costly litigation. Also, try to engage in some kind of hobby that is of interest.