There are many causes of car accidents, and distracted driving is one that is preventable. There are many things that take a driver’s attention away from the road, and this leads to serious wrecks. There are numerous actions everyone can take to reduce the incidence of these types of crashes. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1,000 people daily experience injuries due to distracted driving. Distraction can occur in many different ways, such as eating, using the navigation system, reaching in the back or thinking about work instead of driving. Phone use, especially texting, is a big problem. While texting occurs among most age groups, there is a high percentage of teenagers who text or email while behind the wheel. 

Because distracted driving is such an issue, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discusses some ways everyone can help reduce it. Both local and federal governments have, or are working to pass, laws that combat against behaviors such as phone use. Support these laws and encourage others to do as well. 

Teenage drivers are especially susceptible to distracted driving, and the fact they also have a lack of inexperience on the road makes things especially dangerous. As a passenger, teens can make sure the driver is not using the phone in any way or taking part in other distracting behaviors. 

Teens also look towards their parents as being role models, so it is important they lead by example. Along with outlining rules about driving distracted, moms and dads should refrain from any type of distraction while behind the wheel.